Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Molinari Revolutionizes the 3-Cushion Game with Predator Technology!

Molinari (TM) brings to market a brand new line of professional 3-cushion billiard cues that feature the revolutionary Predator 3142 3C shaft - engineered expressly for carom games. The cues are being endorsed by none other than, many time World Champion, Torbjorn Blomdahl.  Two out of the top five ranked professional players in the world, Torbjorn Blomdahl and Sung-Won Choi, have switched to a Molinari to take advantage of the new technology.

Revolutionary Ball-Striking Performance

There is a stark difference between a Predator 3142 3C shaft that comes with a Molinari cue compared to any other carom shaft: ball-striking performance. This performance is achieved through a revolutionary design that balances the mass and flexibility of the billiard shaft in a way that corrects aiming distortions due to deflection across a wide range of billiard strokes. The result is a playing advantage that is measurable and immediately demonstrable.

This is a dream piece of equipment for 3-cushion billiards - a game where applying, often extreme, amounts of sidespin with accuracy is of paramount importance for success. This cue makes a difficult game less stressful, easier to learn, and more fun to play, like no other cue ever invented. You owe it to yourself to try this groundbreaking cue. Available NOW!

"Draw shots are easy to achieve and masse shots work very well. But most of all, the absence of deflection makes it possible to shoot hard with lots of english without missing the hit." -Torbjorn Blomdahl

#1 World Ranking: Feb 2013