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Predator World 14.1 DVDs are available!

The greatest 14.1 straight pool players in the world!
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Buy the Billiard Sages Exhibition DVDs today!

Efren Reyes vs Torbjorn Blomdahl and Raymond Ceulemans!
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John Schmidt World Champion Box Set Special

5-disc (in Amaray case) Box Set Special includes: Vol 1-4 from John Schmidt's High-Run Series as well as the final match of the 2012 Predator World 14.1 Tournament against Efren Reyes
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John "Mr. 400" Schmidt 14.1 High-Run Series DVDs!

Buy selected volumes. There is no better way to learn the game of straight pool.
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The entire collection of matches from the 72nd Predator World 14.1 Tournament and the Verhoeven Open 3-Cushion Tournament are available VOD (Video On-Demand)


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